Utmost reliability and durability
5 Axle Low loader.

Trust in the strength and performance of our 5 axle low loader trailer to meet your toughest transportation demands.

Experience unmatched power and versatility with our cutting-edge 5 axle low loader trailer. Engineered to handle heavy and oversized loads, this trailer offers exceptional load-bearing capabilities and stability.

Whether you need to transport construction machinery, industrial equipment, or other specialized cargo, our 5 axle low loader trailer delivers the utmost reliability and durability.

Discover amazing 5 Axle Low Loader
Hydraulic Steering Maneuverability

It is the most common and versatile of low loader trailers; the steering is managing with hydraulic cylinders to turn the trailer and you may command this maneuverability with remote control.
Most of EU countries has narrow roads for long haulages, this is what you need as a solution.

Discover the exceptional
capabilities of 
5 Axle Low Loader

Equipped with remote control hydraulic steering on axles, it ensures precise maneuverability, allowing you to navigate even the most demanding terrains with ease. Its low loading deck and adjustable ramps facilitate efficient loading and unloading operations. Trust in the reliability and durability of our 5 axle low loader trailer to deliver exceptional performance and peace of mind for your specialized transport needs.

5 Axle Low Loader

Experience unparalleled versatility with our advanced 5 axle low loader trailer, specially designed to handle a diverse range of cargo.

Hydraulic Steering
5 Axle Low Loader.

Unleash the power and versatility of our state-of-the-art 5 axle low loader trailer, designed to tackle a wide range of transportation challenges. The trailer is then equipped with a hydraulic steering system, meaning that the trailer steers directly with the truck, even when reversing. This makes it very easy to get to locations that would otherwise be difficult to reach. 

Long Loads may need
Double Extendable Low Loader.

Discover the exceptional capabilities of our advanced 5 axle extendable low loader trailer. Built to handle a variety of long and oversized loads, this trailer offers unparalleled versatility and adaptability. With its robust construction fixed chassis and advanced features, this trailer offers exceptional stability and load-bearing capabilities for the secure transport of various heavy loads. With its extendable chassis, you can effortlessly adjust the length to accommodate the specific dimensions of your cargo, ensuring secure and stable transportation. 

5 Axle Low Loader
Axle Group is important.

With TRAX axles or Gigant axles trust in the strength and reliability of our 5 axle extendable low loader trailer to streamline your transport operations and conquer the toughest cargo challenges. 

Equipped with remote control hydraulic steering on axles, it delivers precise maneuverability, enabling you to navigate challenging terrains with ease.

Discover the Potential of Your Benefits
world wıde delıvery

We have agreements with international shipment companies and agencies so for best we are able to have best transport costs for our customers. You can find our low laoder trailers from Vietnam to Guadeloupe Islands and from Russia to Africa.

Low maıntenance costs

Low loader customers are focusing as first step how to decrease their first investment level and secondly important point is how they can increase their profits on loadings to calculate depreciation charges per loads or year. We know low level costs and high efficiency ways with our designs. 


STU Trailers is an ingenious engineering concept in production of low laoder manufacturing. As the quality leader, we apply the highest standards on every steps of manufacturing in order to guarantee the perfect quality of our low laoders.

Standard Spesifications of 
5 Axle Low Loader

On 5 Axle Low Loader Trailers there are one main model which are fitting with European Union standards fixed chassis and extendable chassis.

Platform of Low Loader

  1. Chassis Lenght: 13600 mm
  2. Platform Lenght: 6800 mm
  3. Width: 2550 mm
  4. Kingpin Height: 1310 mm
  5. Tare Weight: 10,5-15 Tons
  6. Wood or Steel on Platform

Axle Group of Low Loader

  1. 9, 12 or 15,7 tons capacity Axles
  2. Liftable First Axle
  3. All Hydraulic Steering Axles
  4. Air Suspension
  5. EBS System Wabco, Knorr Bremse
  6. Gigant, Trax, SAF, BPW Brands


  1. 10 Tons Lashing Rings on sides and on platform
  2. 100x50x10mm stakes / side profiles as optional
  3. LED Stop Lights
  4. Side Widener Bars

Hydraulic Steering

  1. Hydraulic Turntable and Cylinders
  2. Zero Position and Left or Right Turns Manually
  3. Remote Control Reciever and Main Box
  4. Locking Mechanism on Extensions

STU Trailers® Company, LIMITED Is manufacturer of different kinds of lowbed and low loader / lowboy trailers in Turkey as an independent family company. We are experienced in production of lowloaders more than 15 years and exporting more than 35 countries in different size of lowloaders for heavy haulage / special transportation sectors. Regarding our customers usage habits and experience we always focus to make them satisfy and we desing our lowloaders on this aim. In different variants of load transportations as tall, wide, long and heavy we have solutions for transportation companies.

STU Trailers Co. started in a garage and firstly in the local market started to share it’s services on second hand and new productions. Year by years by the demand of Export markets continued to give services to EU Countries, African Countries, Far East and South America Countries markets as keeping our traditional quality on our production and marketting steps. Our R&D center is always following new technologies in different diciplines how we adapt on our solutions to heavy transport and special project loads and defence sectors. As the experts for unique requirements, we are constantly expanding our portfolio of products, services, working intensively in the areas of product development and optimisation due to changing new production technologies progress and situations of new different size of loads. Today, our vehicles can be found on more than 35 countries in the world. Our COC certificates facilitated fast registration with minimal administrative effort. We hope you could be facinated to discover our comprehensive and versatile product portfolio!.

We offer transport solutions for sectors; heavy transport, construction, agriculture, boat transport, forestry, wood, vertical transport, finished parts transport, wind power and energy and as well as public projects in the defence and aircraft industry with our designs on your special projects. Our customers value our reliability and flexibility in offering tailored transport solutions even in the face of difficult challenges. Indeed, We know our customers and their experiences on heavy transportations in diffucult challenges, so we always try to offer our vehicles projects excel with their technical quality and sustainable production methods.

In all photos of lowbed and lowladers produced for related customers‘s needs and orders. As you can reliese our tecnical team is focusing and aim to make happy owner of lowloaders and always keep in touch with users / drivers for their different habits for their technical needs. Always habits, road and heavy transport conditions are not same in whole world so, we try to offer the best solution that we can effort for their safety, long-life lowbeds. On lowlaoder hydraulic, electric and other components are completely designing by our experienced engineers and based on heavy haulages projects which is sharing by our valuable customers. Our designs are testing on analysis programs and before production we are able to understand how the loads will effect on new lowloader or lowbed steel construction after loaded on the roads and all designs are based on our experiences.

For correct maching of steel parts laser cut is indispensable to prepare steel construction for production of lowbeds / lowloaders projects. All process of welding has it’s own steel grade and welding wires peculiar to its steel grade. Meanwhile using non standard equipments for cutting, curving, bending, welding steps which designed by our valuable engineers.STU Trailers®keep it’s rights to change drawing, designs, prices and other components which are exist on the web page and in their offers. All rights reserved. Used under license and no one can copy, share with 3rd parties with or without  STU Trailers permissions. STU Trailers LTD Co two different companies; STU Treyler Dorse İth.İhr. LTD. Co and STU Endüstri Treyler İth. İhr. LTD.Co. and 3 brands as ;
STU Trailers
STU Heavy Industry and  Femmerr which serves for transportation and logistic sectors.