STU Trailers LTD. Co.; Lowbed and Low Loader Producer.


STU Trailers LTD. Co. is manufacturer of different kinds of low loader and lowbed trailers for heavy transportation sector and we understand the challenges of transporting oversized loads. That’s why we offer a range of customized low loader trailers that are designing with precision and constructed for durability.

Discover STU Trailers exceptional range of 3-4-5 axle lowbed trailers , designed to meet the diverse transportation needs of logistics companies and heavy equipment industries.These lowbeds combine unwavering strength, versatility and reliability, ensuring safety and efficient transportation. Whether you require an extended chassis for accommodating oversized machinery ot loads, self-steering axles for enhanced maneuverability, our lowbed trailers offer solutions to optimize during your transportations.

Enjoy with the unmatched power and capability of our exceptional low laoder trailers. Designed to tackle the most demanding heavy haulage challenges, this robust trailer offers an impressive load-bearing capacity combined with superior stability. Whether you’re transporting large construction machinery, industrial equipment or oversized cargo, our low laoders provides the perfect solutions with its extended chassis and with hydraulic steering axles for safety and long-life usages..

Unlock limitless possibilities with our customized low loader trailers. We experienced that every transport requirement is unique, so our team of experts is dedicated to designing and manufacturing bespoke solutions to your specific needs regarding our valuable custmers. Whether you require specialized features, modifications or configurations, our desgners in house have the expertise to create a new customized low loader trailers that will meet with your expectations.


Ingenious Engineering / Latest Technological Equipments  /  Experience..

ON our lowbed trailers, all production details are important from the begining of desig to all steps of production process. All team is awaken for user friendly production on their jobs. You may pull on platform and carry heavy vehicles with different power of winches. For electric and hydraulic levels ask for more.

IN Different size of your Boats and yachtes trailer can be your efficient choice with it’s special boom pool in the middle of chassis and extension on rear and in middle too. Ask for different supeructures on your lowbed trailer. 

WITH excavator arm recess and anti slip painting, 5 Axle Lowbed is now more enjoyful and safety. We offer 3 self steering axles, strong hydraulic ramps, galvanized side poles on 5 axle lowbed trailers. 

STU Trailers offer high range of low loader trailers with it’s many options. Regarding load details we are able to offer 8 axle hydraulic steering low loader, hydraulic suspension system or pendular axles. For more please get in touch.

ON our 2 axle low loader trailers all details are important and from designing to production process all team is awaken for user friendly actions on their every steps. For instance, ladder on side, fast connectors, tropical woods for long life etc..

STU Trailers® Company, LIMITED Is manufacturer of different kinds of lowbed and low loader / lowboy trailers in Turkey as an independent family company. We are experienced in production of lowloaders more than 15 years and exporting more than 35 countries in different size of lowloaders for heavy haulage / special transportation sectors. Regarding our customers usage habits and experience we always focus to make them satisfy and we desing our lowloaders on this aim. In different variants of load transportations as tall, wide, long and heavy we have solutions for transportation companies.

STU Trailers Co. started in a garage and firstly in the local market started to share it’s services on second hand and new productions. Year by years by the demand of Export markets continued to give services to EU Countries, African Countries, Far East and South America Countries markets as keeping our traditional quality on our production and marketting steps. Our R&D center is always following new technologies in different diciplines how we adapt on our solutions to heavy transport and special project loads and defence sectors. As the experts for unique requirements, we are constantly expanding our portfolio of products, services, working intensively in the areas of product development and optimisation due to changing new production technologies progress and situations of new different size of loads. Today, our vehicles can be found on more than 35 countries in the world. Our COC certificates facilitated fast registration with minimal administrative effort. We hope you could be facinated to discover our comprehensive and versatile product portfolio!.

We offer transport solutions for sectors; heavy transport, construction, agriculture, boat transport, forestry, wood, vertical transport, finished parts transport, wind power and energy and as well as public projects in the defence and aircraft industry with our designs on your special projects. Our customers value our reliability and flexibility in offering tailored transport solutions even in the face of difficult challenges. Indeed, We know our customers and their experiences on heavy transportations in diffucult challenges, so we always try to offer our vehicles projects excel with their technical quality and sustainable production methods.

In all photos of lowbed and lowladers produced for related customers‘s needs and orders. As you can reliese our tecnical team is focusing and aim to make happy owner of lowloaders and always keep in touch with users / drivers for their different habits for their technical needs. Always habits, road and heavy transport conditions are not same in whole world so, we try to offer the best solution that we can effort for their safety, long-life lowbeds. On lowlaoder hydraulic, electric and other components are completely designing by our experienced engineers and based on heavy haulages projects which is sharing by our valuable customers. Our designs are testing on analysis programs and before production we are able to understand how the loads will effect on new lowloader or lowbed steel construction after loaded on the roads and all designs are based on our experiences.

For correct maching of steel parts laser cut is indispensable to prepare steel construction for production of lowbeds / lowloaders projects. All process of welding has it’s own steel grade and welding wires peculiar to its steel grade. Meanwhile using non standard equipments for cutting, curving, bending, welding steps which designed by our valuable engineers.STU Trailers®keep it’s rights to change drawing, designs, prices and other components which are exist on the web page and in their offers. All rights reserved. Used under license and no one can copy, share with 3rd parties with or without  STU Trailers permissions. STU Trailers LTD Co two different companies; STU Treyler Dorse İth.İhr. LTD. Co and STU Endüstri Treyler İth. İhr. LTD.Co. and 3 brands as ;
STU Trailers
STU Heavy Industry and  Femmerr which serves for transportation and logistic sectors.